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Alte Synagoge in Baden-Baden, Architekt: Ludwig Levy, 1899 erbaut, 1938 zerstört



is an eight-day temple festival, that commemorates the successful uprising of the Maccabees against the foreign domination of the Hellenists from Syria and the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem in 165 B.C.E. (Hanukkah = dedication). Tradition has it that only a single undamaged oil jug was found in the temple defiled by the Hellenists. Its content would usually have provided enough fuel to light the seven-branched candelabrum for only one day. Through a miracle, however, the oil was to be sufficient for eight days, so that in the meantime fresh, pure oil could be produced. The eight-branched candelabrum for Hanukkah can be traced back to this event. At nightfall, candles are lit in the synagogue, at home and nowadays also in public locations. On the first day, one light is lit, on the second, two lights, and so on until on the eighth day, all the candles are burning. Certain blessings and songs belong to this ceremony. As long as the candles are burning (at least 30 minutes), all work should cease, but otherwise working is allowed during the Hanukkah celebration, because it is not a biblical festival.